This is a tough one. I'm always learning, be it by creating, watching YouTube reading books... or trial and error (the posh way to say blagging it!)... you can never know everything.

I've been a graphic designer for almost 20 years and so much has changed. "Back in the day" you were print or the early stages of digital, now it's all part and parcel of design. Of course, you can specialise - be it web design, social media, content marketing, etc., but one simply isn't a graphic designer anymore.

Same with Photography, this has been my second biggest learning curve. As per previous posts, I'm an accidental photographer - a Saturday snapper who got way more into that I ever expected. Learning to shoot for clients has been a MASSIVE eye opener, and I have so so much to learn. However, I've been very lucky to have some amazing support and opportunities through friends and local businesses to grow this skill set.

The biggest learning curve is definitely running a business, I am a terrible business person. I'm pretty certain I don't charge enough, I'm not prompt on sending invoices (I'm sure my clients don't mind!), I doubt myself too much and I definitely need to set some goals!

That's why I've gone for an infinity symbol for today's image, it's an ever lasting process, there's always something to learn!

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