Day 3 - Time

As a wise goblin once said: "Time is money, friend!"

How do I spend my time? How do I justify my prices don't I just snap some photos and download them, or type out some text and make a logo?! I can SO make a flyer in Word, all you do is move things around and slap on colours on the page.

If only it were that simple. Research, planning, sketching, judging the light, editing. All these things go into making your photos fabulous and your artwork amazing! Also, the time (years!) I've spent perfecting my skills, learning, practising and making mistakes so you don't have to.

On very rare occasions the first design you come up with is the one that sticks.. but most it takes a lot of sketching, research, mood boards and time to create something. Stepping away from the computer is freeing, it helps to focus on the task at hand and let your imagination do the thinking without the distraction and influence of the internet.

As you can see from my various notebooks sketching, scribbling, information... anything goes, get the ideas out on paper! These notebooks are of various ages, one is over 10 years old... they're a great reference, if only to see how far you've come.

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Flyers and Business Cards printed by Instant Print

Sketchbooks always from Moleskine

(Sketchbooks partially obscured for client confidentiality!)