Day 9 - Rough / Mock Up

Not really rough, as I don't have my sketches to hand... but this is the brand evolution / mock ups for The Gym Tin!

I've posted their various photo shoots and branding before... but how did it get there? In truth, over a lot of Pimms at the Cliff House in Barton. Behind the scenes I created a Pinterest board with ideas, fonts, graphics, colours that fit the business idea both Rob and Jenny had in their minds. I then headed to my sketchbook and created these ideas from that...

The first image is how the logo looks in Adobe Illustrator, outlined so I can tweak it. I always design my logos in black and white initially so way we can figure out the style and look without the distraction of colour.

The logo evolved from the idea of the tin, a horse box in its previous life, incorporating a more rugged, foresty feel to fit in with the outside nature of their group fitness offerings, to finally adding the Taurus symbol - both Rob and Jenny's starsign - inside the kettlebell. A key piece of equipment, linked with the bull it shows strength and power - both of which The Gym Tin helps their client achieve.

Obviously this is quite a polished "mock up" and not rough at all, but it's a great look at how a logo can evolve through the creative process.