Embrace individuality with Pantone’s Very Peri for 2022

Very Peri – Pantone’s 2022 Colour of the Year

What is Pantone?  I could bore you with my almost two decades of working in print, but I shan’t!  Basically it’s an industry standard colour matching system for print. So if a brand asks for Pantone 178 C, they know that it will print the exact colour of red they specified.

Colour of the year is basically a trend forecast, in previous year’s we’ve had Illuminating (yellow 2021), Classic Blue (2020), Living Coral (2021). These colours have influenced fashion, design and branding…and of course, wedding colour palettes.

Now, a lot of couples go for their favourite colours, or seasonal hues. Why not?  A wedding is a reflection of your relationship, who you are and how you want your day to look. However, fashion and trends can heavily influence your wedding’s style. 

Very Peri, a vibrant blue-purple, is described as happy and hopeful  – something we all need heading in to 2022. The colour-wizards at Pantone have embraced the transition and adaptability of society to create a new colour – something they don’t normally do!

Creating a vivid, bold periwinkle blue, with purple hues, bringing warmth, vibrancy and joy to a colour that people normally associate with being cold.

Very Peri Colour Values

Warming up to Very Peri’s vibrant periwinkle tones, but not sure how you’ll pair it into your wedding day? Here are a few colour combinations get you started…

Very Peri & Navy Blue

Very Peri x Navy Blue

Paired with a classic Navy Blue, one of the base tones of Very Peri – you’ll be ensured to create a classy, timeless vibe. Blues are associated with stability and calmness, making it the perfect colour to offset the joyful vibe of Very Peri to create the perfect balance without feeling cool or aloof.

Very Peri x Peach

Very Peri x Peach

Peach is a staple of summer weddings, associated with fruit and summer, the colour evokes feelings of warmth, joy and long-hot summers – perfect if you’re planning a summer wedding, capitalising on the long days and warm light. Pairing these two vibrant, playful colours together could be a great fit for your summer festival themed event. Think Balloons, Florals and Bunting.

Very Peri x Snow White

Very Peri x Snow White

Going for the bright and airy feeling for your big day? No worries, you can still be on trend with some Very Peri accents. Combining the high end luxe feel of crisp whites, soft greens and a splash of purple to elevate your colour scheme with the hint of playfulness that Very Peri provides. You could simple add a hint of very peri through floral accents or napkins on the tables. Be careful not to over do it as the purity of the crisp white needs to be the star of the show – Very Peri being the Oscar nominated supporting role.

Very Peri x Sage

Very Peri x Sage

Sage has been a popular colour choice over the past few years (outside of the C word). Not only is it a gorgeous colour to pair with Snow White (above), but it’s also very natural and calming, it’s perfect for any season of Wedding, especially if you’re going for large floral motifs. Sage the herb also has associations with of banishing evil, domestic virtue and the flowers with a purple/blue flower… surely that’s a sign of a good combination!

Are you thinking of sneaking a little Very Peri into your big day? If so and you’re still on the hunt for your photographers let’s have a chat and see how we can work together to make your special day, just that!

Becky x

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