becky, also known as “the photographer” loves leopard print, bright colours and copious amounts of frothy coffee.

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I don't have one of those whimsical childhood photography stories where I'm from a family of creatives, it's possible I'm a cuckoo, as I'm pretty-much the only creative in my family.

I've always been drawn to arts and crafts as a kid, many years ago, which meant I ended up working as a graphic designer for the past two decades. As with most designers I picked up a camera on a whim… and the rest, as they say, is history…

Living right by the beautiful Solent Coast and the New Forest has allowed me to take this hobby I love and turn it into a career. I love capturing people and moments, and thanks to the support and belief of some amazing people and businesses around me I've been able to hone and practice my skills.

I adore photographs that are vibrant and colourful, full of life – memories that you'll cherish in years to come.

My favourite foods are:

Quick facts about me

I live in

Curry and Pizza

Hampshire, near the New Forest with my partner Oli


MY FAVOURITE drinks are:


Coffee, Gin and Spiced Rum – not together, obvs!

I love to watch

I love to listen to:

Trance (like old skool 90s), Drum and Bass, Electronic Music. My favourite band is Hybrid (and I got to photography them in 2021!)

Anything Sci-Fi! I also love going to the cinema, but no rom coms or chic flicks for me please.

My favourite holiday ever was

did you know..?

The BEST holiday I've ever been on was to Pripyat and Chernobyl, where we stayed overnight – long before the HBO series!

I'm a Les Mill Body Combat & a Gold-Level Schwinn Indoor Cycling Coach for Freedom Leisure New Forest

Pripyat Ferris Wheel, 2014