How to plan the best micro wedding in the New Forest, Hampshire and Dorset

The wedding planning process has changed significantly in 2020 and looks to be carrying over into 2021. I’m here to share some good news, and give you the tips that I’ve learned over the past few months.

Who am I? I’m Becky and I’m a wedding photographer from New Milton, Hampshire. I’ve been working with my couples since March to re-plan their weddings. Along the way, I’ve learnt a number of things.

1. Smaller can be better!

For the past number of years, I’ve watched wedding guest counts (and price tags!) get really out of hand when planning. In my experience, this is usually due to family pressure. At some point, a lot of my couples have started to feel like it’s not even their wedding any longer. That they’re along for the ride.

This year is your excuse to have the wedding YOU actually want. You now have full control over the guest list. You get to invite the most important people in your life to be there, and you actually have time to be with them.

2. You get to spend time with everyone there.

Traditionally, it’s actually rare for my couples to actually talk to everyone that attends their wedding. 

With a smaller wedding, you can now spend time with everyone you’ve invited.

5. Better Wedding photos..

As a wedding photographer, this is the most exciting part of micro weddings for me.

Weddings have become much simpler overall. Which means less stress for you on the day. No problems to troubleshoot, you just get to enjoy the day. This lack of stress on the wedding day really comes through in the photos.

We have all the time we need for photos, and we’re in control of the time of day we take them. At a traditional wedding, the photo session just kind of fits wherever it fits - which means non-ideal lighting conditions where you might not look your best. One of the main perks of a micro wedding is that we can schedule at the best time of day for photos.

To add to that, you can now use the budget you saved to spend a little more on the details you’d really like to have.

So how do you plan the best micro wedding?

Pick your dream location. There are now fewer rules as to where you should have your ceremony.

Parks, locations, and businesses are all really going out of their way to be super accommodating these days, and that makes your life a lot easier.

Spend some of the money you’re saving on bringing in great vendors. Budgets usually get stressed really thin because of the number of guests at the wedding. This is your excuse to involve all of the vendors you would want to have for your dream wedding.

Set up an on-location dinner, or move to a restaurant. With smaller guest counts, it’s now possible to set up a small reception wherever you’d like. Again, whatever your dream location is for this, this is probably the only year that it will be possible to do.

How to get the best photographs

Schedule your ceremony when it’s good for photos. 2 hours before sunset will give us the best light for photos. Make the best use of your time, this allows you to have a nice relaxing day, no rushing to get ready!

Scheduling photos around sunset also makes use of the best light of the day. Perfect to make the most of the beautiful surroundings of the New Forest and the stunning Solent coast.

Hire a photographer (me!) for 3-4 hours. That will cover a little of the getting ready, the ceremony, family photos and photos of the two of you. (There are also packages if you’d like me to come to the reception)

My photography is primarily candid, so it’ll be a more relaxing experience than you might think right now. 

If you’re interested in working together, please send me a note in the contact form below, and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Thanks for reading and if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out!

Safety in this time is a priority for me. I will respect all current local rules and current government guidelines.