Why capturing wedding memories is a worthwhile investment…

Obviously I’m going to say that, right? I’m sure it feels like extra 0s are added once you mention the W word.

Think of it like this…. Once the food is eaten, the music dies down, the guests have left and you’re finally chilling in your hotel room with your new spouse there’s one remaining keepsake … Photos. The tangible memories you can look back on for years to come.

If you can, it’s worth splurging on photography. They’ll likely be on display in your home and treasured as memories for many years to come. But, why is it so expensive, it’s JUST one day right?

Think of all the time you spend prepping for your big day – Making lists, planning suppliers, hair trials, suit fittings. Months of planning go into your big day from your end.

But did you know, We also take time to prep too? From meetings with our wonderful clients, shot lists, courses, keeping our gear in tip-top condition, venue visits, pre-wedding shoots. There’s also the sneak peeks, editing, culling, supplying printable and our delivery packages. One wedding can translate into at least weeks work after all is said and done.

As there’s no do-over, no second chance, so we have to be “on-it” all day – and it’s usually a loooong day anything from 8-12+ hours once travel is factored in. Even micro weddings of a few hours are more than that, the same love and effort goes into every day – no matter the length. Everyone’s day is special and deserves the same service. All the preparation, planning and the big day itself are all part of the thrill, capturing the memories and joy – there’s nothing better, except maybe the reaction upon delivering the images ❤️

So, do your research, ask questions, check out your short list’s website and see who’s photo and style really gels with your needs, you just know when you love someones photos, go with your heart.

Top tip? Book a consultation chat, see how well you get on with your chosen ‘tog – if they’re even available. With 2022 and 2023 being record years for the numbers of weddings, you’re better off contacting your chosen vendors sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment. If they’re available, amazing! Get that meeting/call booked in, one of the most important things other than loving their style is that their vibe works with yours, that you get on with your vendors. Think of them as an extra to your wedding party, as they’ll be with your for the entire event – so you need someone that you feel comfortable around.

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